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  1. Yeah.... I cant get on at all. Game crashes as soon as I connect without displaying an error message. Treied all the fixed reccommended by google searches but to no avail. Can anyone help?
  2. Are people loosing interest in the DS server? COs there seems to be less and less people on it :(
  3. Wow i bet you feel great after wasting your time making that.
  4. My Newcastle on the Diamond Server
  5. Some of my stuff on the Diamond Server The Graveyard My Outpost Bridge across the lake
  6. Everything is harvested by the players. We have no item spawning.
  7. I remember reading a Christian Gamer Review of one of the Duke Nukem games a good few years ago, funny as hell. Sadly the site is no longer online, or its changed its domain name and I cant find it.
  8. Cartograpg G was updated with in hours.
  9. Make an arrow with torches. >> Render a map of the world. >> Locate buildings >> Move to buildings. Ive had to do this so many tiems after crashes I dont even have to think about it anymore.
  10. Wool contrasts nicely with other materials, so thats why i use it :)
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