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  1. Basically, as you may notice from my post count (almost non-existent) I'm new to Tip.It Clan Forums. Now I've been watching them for a while now, and there's something I'm not entirely clear on, and that's who are the best Tip.It based clans. Now, by Tip.It based clans I mean the clans that post actively on here, have a lot of members posting actively on here. And by the best, I mean the ones that would win the majority of their fights. This would be different from the TWR because that also shows activity over a long period of time. Althought that might also be who you consider the best, but I just want you to think. If X clan fought Y clan, who would win. And then rank which ever clan you think would win above, and lose below. Instead of also just activity. So this is basically a thing like the top 10/20/30 thread, however, I want you to think of it souly about Tip.It clans. I have no idea what clans would be considered Tip.It clans personally, so I'm unable to make my own list to start it off, but go crazy. Rate your top 3, 5, 10, 20, what ever number you want to go up to, I just want to see where the general opinion on Tip.It is.
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