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  1. The 99 cape page doesn't show the 99 cape for Divination.
  2. They've added a new Easy task to the Falador Task list. It's called Like A Boss and you have to kill 15 regular goblins in Goblin Village and a boss will appear. Kill it to complete the task. I had to look it up on RuneWIki because I couldn't find it on your site. :-(
  3. On your Taverly Dungeon map, you have the black demons listed as lvl 172, but they're lvl 140. This might be due to a change when EoC came out (not sure) but I figured I would let you know. Thanks!
  4. I was just in the Jatizo mine and noticed a section of the mine that's not on your website map. In the southeastern-most corner, there's a section that's separated from the rest by a chasm with a slimy log over it. You need "special boots" to go across. There's mith and addy rocks in there and an NPC (sorry, I didn't notice the name). Could you please add that section, the NPC and what boots are needed to get across? I believe these rocks will also change the total count of mith/addy rocks in the mine. Thanks!
  5. In the guide, when you are making the game board, the guide tells you to fish in the hole until you get seaweed, leather boots and a shark tooth. the next paragraph tells you to "use the squid on the popsicle tray", but there was no mention of catching a squid. Luckily, I didn't toss mine when I caught it, just in case. Please add "squid" to the list of items you need to fish for. Thanks!
  6. In the quest guide, just underneath the link to the interactive troll stronghold map, the guide states that you need to kill a troll general that is lvl 117 in order to get a key. This is a typo, the troll general is lvl 171. Please confirm and correct, thanks.
  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. On the interactive fairy ring map, when you click the ring near the Twoer of Life to get the code, it gives you the code "B I S dead end Unicorn Pen" and when you click the unicorn pen, you get no code at all. There are also several other rings that when you click them you get no code at all. I was able to complete my fairy ring dialer by writing down all the codes from the list you've provided and making sure I had them on the dialer.
  9. Glad I could help! If I notice anything else I'll be sure to let you know! Minu
  10. I submitted a correction to your price list for Diango's, you have listed that he buys back toy horses for 75gp when in fact it is 90gp. I see my name credited on the page but you didn't correct the information and I was just wondering why it wasn't changed? Also, on the fairy ring map, when you click on the fairy ring by the tower of life to see the code, a popup shows up with the unicorn pen code instead, and when you click the unicorn pen ring, nothing happens.
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