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  1. This Is Basically A Bump (hope that is ok) As Things Have Changed And Schedule Has Been Cleared Up As Well (work, Real Life) So I Guess I Will Re-Do Everything Again: Well I Am Zarnovia (main toon). lvl 120 p2p / 115 f2p (I assume rest can be looked up?) I am not exactly the warring type, though I do not mind doing it, just not.....my fling, you know? I prefer doing a little of everything, chatting, skilling, just whatever comes up. I am always up for challanges and I am also not afraid to ask questions about things I do not know. As far as real life, I really like to stick to myself, for the most part. I do alot of reading, writing, and playing guitar. Though if my friends decide that they want to do something, I have no problem dropping and going with them. I am very laid back and open guy, just trying to have fun and not suffer the dreadful hours of endless boredom >< lol. Well, not sure what else to say, feel free to post, or message me here or in game as well. Thank you for your time! ~Zarnovia
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Just wanted to see how everyone was doing and wow things have been over the many years :) Miss those good ole days :)
  5. Well, I just started playing again after taking an extended break (the transition from RSC to3D) Can't remember any info on my main, so I started over! Anyways, almost everyone I use to know doesn't play anymore or just doesn't know I am back. Anyways, just looking for a clan, people to talk with and do things with, even though im starting over (well a month ago) (F2P) . If anyone would like to take a former vet under the wing, would be greatly appreciated! ^^; ~Alamaise (W A R Sabre)
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