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  1. Hello, I've been lurking for some time and finally decided to sign up. I just wanted to say howdy to all on the board. Lots of good reading here. I hope I can give a little back.
  2. Watched this last night and enjoyed it despite the fact that I can't stand football. Saying that, the film really doesn't have anything to do with the sport at all, much like the Alan Clark version which I loved when I first saw it on TV all those years ago. Well acted all round and the period setting and costumes were a treat, also some of the dialogue is priceless with some really funny terms of phrase from the Londoners, most of which I'd never heard before which made them even more comical.
  3. I had to get a new laptop and the screen doesn't look right. I have no knowledge on calibrating a LED LCD, or any other monitor for that matter. So, before I mess anything up I would like to know if anyone has done this before and if it's reversible? I have a laptop with a 17.3" HD + LED LCD display running Windows 7. Generic PnP Monitor on Mobile IntelĀ® 4 Series Express Chipset. I can get to the calibrate display settings but kind of don't want to mess anything up. My photo's look very different on other monitors. I don't want to post washed out looking photos that I have taken the time to edit. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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