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  1. I am currently on 5 Attk and 5 Strength, 3 defense! I am currently level 7 now!
  2. I want to start leveling now and using combat because I have done level 53wc and I am still level 3 but what should I use? DEFENCE ATTACK STRENGTH
  3. Well I am not banned, I only joined yesterday!
  4. I have just added a Skill Signature but it has not updated and just says 0?!
  5. Thanks, I didnt think! I will save them until I have level 99WC
  6. Thankyou for the suggestion! I am currently cutting with an Adamant Hatchet, I am going to save for a rune Hatchet though.
  7. I have been cutting Willows for ages, I am cutting them until I am level 60 so what should I do with them?
  8. Hello! Guys, I have nearly reached my goal! I am on 39 WC level!! I am trying to reach level 40 then my next goal is level 60 then I can go hunt for some yews!
  9. Can someone explain clans and such to me, and how to get to the place where they were fighting so I can go and fight?
  10. What is the highest amount of GP per 1 log? EDIT: Also, what are nests?
  11. Wheres the best place to cut normal trees? I want to cut closer to the GE? I asked around and got told Draynor is cool to cut, should I try that?
  12. I am new to RS, I have only been playing half-an-hour and I am currently lvl 11 in woodcutting and then I am going to move onto logs. I am still lvl 3 lol.
  13. At the moment with the normal logs I am selling 10 logs/10 coins at the shop keeper but then when I get more upgraded trees/logs I will sell them at the GE.
  14. I am gaining woodcutting levels first before any other skill and was wondering which logs would sell best so I can get some easy cash?
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