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  1. Looks like LPT lost on purpose to get on finals... wait what? Congrats TT & cya LPT in finals.
  2. I think they're arguing that TT and NG came to some sort of agreement (or TT decided on their own) to lose the fight. No one is saying that NG cheated. If it's legit, great job NG. That's a very impressive win :blink: To be honest guys, what the [bleep]ing weed you've been smoking? Why would we or EVEN TT would want to make that kind of agreement when they pretty much know that we (NG) are the more dangerous clan with the experience we had over LPT and how far we've went in this tourney and in past tournies (for example. we were in finals in zybez tourney in 30vs30 category also). No offence to LPT, I've always seen you as great organized Lithuanian clan but your recent actions claiming our achievement was some kind of cheap, really makes us think you are idiots and will only give extramotivation for us in our future fights. I'm not going to say this as perspective of NG but from my personal experiences, I have really never liked TT because of the fact I'm DF, they have have a pretty good amount of players from our rivalry clan and even less after all the mess with we had when discussing about the best rules for both of us in our very first fight in the tourney. So yeah, I would never imagine us having any kind of agreement with TT. End of story.
  3. I don't know how many TT's cabbaged if any but the fact is we had 25 left and they had 15 left before they started to leaving CC. I was personally binding pretty much all the time and I think I was one of the most sniped binders and I still had about 7/8 of my pizzas left so there would have been no way TT could of killed 4 of us with 15 people and they knew that. That's why they probably left the CC.
  4. Great job NG. The atmosphere in vent before the fight was awesome and even though we lost one at the start, everyone of us knew there was no way TT could stop us this time. <3:
  5. After performing craply against TT in the first round of our semifinals in 50vs50, we were determined for the second fight which was against TRWF. Startings: I was personally their first target and got caught in robes but managed to tank a bit and died at 50-48. =P After that the fight went in our lead by a few kill but almost everytime TRWF tightened the lead until in 30ish vs 30ish where our dear General, Aradof managed to tank beastly which gave us a lead from three man to six man. After that we knew there was no way for us to lose anymore. Endings: Thanks for the fight TRWF, always a pleasure!
  6. Of course it was, you idiot. =[] They left respectfully the Clan Chat when they had about 8 left, saving the time and money from both sides. Respect for that.
  7. Good job guys and thanks for the fight TRWF. (Y)
  8. Good job fellow NGs, thanks for the fight DF. =P
  9. Starting: Ending: Thanks for the fight Solace and good luck in your other categories. PS. Sorry for imikserol kid attacking you before we cut all of our members. He was an FA and got kicked immediately after we heard about it.
  10. Starting: Ending: Thanks for the fight.
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