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  1. thanks for the answer what clan chat are you refering to?
  2. Well hello guys (and girls) Over my years of playing runescape I’ve never had problems with money since you could get away with burrow armor and a whip, but now with eoc I am noticing that my gear is not up to par. I am currently using bandos for melee, karif for ranged and Ahrims for magic. I would like to start upgrading my armor and weapons. for that i would like to start bossing I’ve never actually bossed before so i am a little scared I need some tips on what to hunt and what gear to use etc. That brings me to dungeoneering my level is 88 but mostly that comes from soloing. i'm looking for some players that want to teach this grasshopper how to properly dung in a group so i can get the rest of the tokens for the rewards. Thanks,
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