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  1. Runescape Dinasty vs Czecho Slovak Forces Tip.it Clan Tourament Round 2 50 vs 50 Melee Binds + Range Fog items / Rings Allowed No corrupt 5 Sniper Cap CWA Classic - Middle Boundaries (No going into Trees) Clan that spawns to the North Attacks Starting: Ending: Round 2 of the Tip.it Clan Tourament began with a great start from both clans. With great efforts of the members of Runescape Dinasty in all aspects of the fight we managed to inch our lead greater and greater as the fight went on until the end. Thanks for the fight CSF. PS: Sorry for the Canada/USA flames we were getting heated before the Gold Medal Hockey Game
  2. Runescape Dinasty vs Wilderland 50 vs 50 Tip.it Clan Tournament Rules as Followed: 50 vs 50 ALL STYLES Classic CWA Arena - Middle Boundaries Clan spawning to North Attacks NO Corrupt Dragon FOG Robes / Ring Allowed Sniper Cap 20% of original pull (10 people MAX) Starting: Ending: The fight started out with swift piles for both clans. Wilderland with a 4 member disadvantage did very well being able to keep up a strong pile and give us a great challenege, but towards the 40 man mark Runescape Dinasty started to pull their lead a bit larger which led us on to a victory. Thanks Wilderland for the clean and enjoyable fight.
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