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    Playing runescape..Girls, Family guy, South Park, Pineapple Express, and STEP BROTHERS!!!
    Music: Eminem, Lil Wayne, The Devil Wears Prada, Young Money, etc etc :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Back to playing. Hard Drive Crashed. MONEY MONEY MONEY

  3. "Hands down, Dopest dope ive ever smoked!" - Pineapple Express!!!! HAHA

  4. Hello all, I started a skiller! (w00tness) i am experienced, started rs back in 05. I do have nubby stats atm. I play every day, so it will soon grow :) I am looking for a fun and active skilling clan. If your willing to accept me, you can reply or add me in game :) -Mr Skill Pro
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