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  1. The guide for the quest says that the levels of the spiders that surround Kalrag (the spider you kill to get Iban's blood) are 31. The real levels of the surrounding spiders are 39. I did not, however, get a picture of this. Sorry. I believe this is just a simple typo though, because on the Underground Pass map on this site, it says the correct lvl for the spiders.
  2. One small thing that I noticed as I was looking around the map, The summoning obelisks are listed in the legend as having the "summoning wolf" as their symbol, however, on the map the symbol used is the actual symbol used in-game. Nothing real important, just thought I might mention it. As a suggestion, possibly seperating "obelisks used for making pouches" and "obelisks for recharging points" would make things easier for people trying to find specific ones, or ones closest to banks or areas. Thanks :thumbsup:
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