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  1. Thanks, I didn't bother doing this because i'm anticipating non-integer values for the time.
  2. Here's how to calculate your average bonus xp multiplier for any time interval during the first 10 hours: (integrate(((x-10)/7.5)^2+1.1)dx from x=A to x=B)/(B-A) This is integrated out to be: (-0.00592593 A^3+0.177778 A^2-2.87778 A+0.00592593 B^3-0.177778 B^2+2.87778 B)/(B-A) Where A is your starting time, and B is your ending time (in hours), with 0<=A<B<=10 To calculate this, you must either use a graphing calculator, or use wolfram alpha (Substitute A and B with your own values), to evaluate the definite integral. I will provide some results for certain A and B here: A B Average XP multiplier 0 1 2.71 0 2 2.55 0 3 2.40 0 4 2.26 0 10 1.69 5 10 1.25 2 3 2.10 What does this mean? It shows the average value of the bonus xp multiplier over that time interval you specified. For example, from the second hour to the third hour, you mined 1000 iron rocks, normally you will get 1000*35=35000 xp, but in this weekend, you will get 35000*2.10 (from the table) = 73552xp. However, this works only if you are continuously training, if you train and stop, or have some time intervals in-between gaining xp, the formula will not be very accurate.
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