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    Soccer, Badminton, Table Tennis and Basketball. Also hiking, cycling, canoing, rowing, sailing, swimming, runescaping. Oh, and dancing randomly =).

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  1. the easy cliffside scramble in Arandar en-route to Isafdar requires 59 agility not 55 as the current Tip.it map suggests. EDIT: i found this map in a link from the quest guide Regicide. still not sure if this should go in map corrections or not :unsure: ~RevenantStr~
  2. hmm, what kind of status? im p2p i guess...

  3. 0_o you and me are quite alike, harry potter, CHERUB and Skulduggery Pleasant are my favs too! Spyro rocks! Prince of Persia too, although i find it a lot like Assassins Creed.

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