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  1. Yes, the Monkey maddness part is now optional.. And btw.. I need 6.5k xp till 46def.. heroes and fremmenik give total of 5k+ so im not overjumping 45lvl
  2. Why ruined equipment wise? can you explain? :rolleyes:
  3. So I Created A Zerker pure.. Because they are cool, but i need some advice.. How to lvl it? at what lvl's what to cap? My stats: Im 55 in Combat. The Def Lvl'ed except for 19k xp (dragon slayer).. I'm going to cap at 60 att (someday ill get 70 or 75), atm im getting 45 magic for camy tele (useful all in all), str to 99, and range to 99.. But i have a question for prayer... Leave it at 31 or go for 43??? Thank you for the answers! :) :thumbsup:
  4. Leveling Magic

  5. AlmeraLt


    So I Got To lvl 17 Hunter :) Which brought me an 800k proffit.. I'm thinking of staying at polar kebbits till lvl 27 then ill make a 1.7mil. Also i got 40 Magic today.. Only 10lvl's to go to for my goal.. i Only need magic for camy teleport :)
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