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  1. Just kidding we actually have pictures unlike all of DK's topics.
  2. LOL Almost took you seriously then realized you were in DV (H)
  3. Im pretty sure TPR is a team, and they pull like 5 people. Im pretty sure Last Hope died
  4. Thats rich coming from LND and TRWF
  5. For everyone accusing us of portal spamming on the video 3:33 Envy goes from 12-21 kills in 5 seconds. 5:00-end someone steadily portal spamming trying to be sneaky Anyways was fun.
  6. So we were chilling in #tpr when the god that is Everton decided to get our second war of the day after already beating Blasphemy. We decided to do an all styles run in for the first time for the luls. Envy kindly accepted and we massed up, we at first feared our pull wasn't going to be that good but we started with a nice 23 to Envy's 14. We immediately started dominating with boss styles, every pile was a 1 hit. We built up a nice 25 person lead and then disaster struck, Everton got raged at irl and so Magik had to take it. Envy then proceeded to invite about 10 Legacy members, and other randomers for blackup. Unfortunately, Magik epically choked allowing Envy and World back into the fight. Thankfully we finished off nicely and brought home the victory. Shoutout to Bravehero for portal spamming TPR so Envy could stay in it somewhat. Also props to Tip.it 's #1 troll Metallic10 for warring for Envy with no food, what a champ! GS WHIP OR SCIMMY I'm Fresh I'm Fly I'm So Damn High Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1QALlfAPm0 Goodfight World
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiW7Khvaaxc&playnext_from=TL&videos=24f8fyFt4TE&feature=sub Video Up.
  8. Was mostly referring to TK crashing Downfall
  9. Expected Nice job Retaliation #tpr for a war sometime ;)
  10. Was fun Klutz vidded should be up tomorrow :)
  11. Well recently there has been a lot of beef between the main clans/teams of tip.it and even some crashing/spying. Do you think this could culminate into a type of crash war similar to the one going on amongst top clans just on an obviously smaller clans? Do you think this beef could turn into a crash war? : If this occurs would the effects be positive or negative? : Anything further: Personally I think this would be a good thing as it would definitely make things more interesting and would also cause more of the smaller clans to pvp more frequently. Try and keep the flames down and on topic :D
  12. I appreciate you cleaning my post when it said the exact same as his. Impressive moderating.
  13. Was fun Surprised we outpulled ;p heard TK was doing something though
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