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  1. So, I sent my cook to turn 8 oak logs into planks at the sawmill, and while she was away, in building mode I built a new room. I noticed she hadn't seemed to come back, so I exited building mode and talked to her when she appeared. She told me she needed paying (I had all my money on me at the time) and I paid her, but she had complete forgotten about the order of planks, and I never saw them again. Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. I want to see them do a holiday event that charges several million to players over lvl 100, just to piss them off. :) EDIT: Or rather the ones that moan endlessly about every update being the worst update ever. I mean, come on guys, give it a rest!
  3. True, true. I guess I just don't have the stomach for the sheer amount of grinding required as some. One of the reasons why I have had my account for years, but never got very far in any of the skills, except mining.
  4. It wasn't my first day, but I remember being lured into the Old Wilderness by two players, who were both pretending to side with me to kill the other. They took me to that church in the western wildy then promptly executed me. I felt like a complete idiot.
  5. So the rich bid high, making everything more expensive, so everyone needs more money to buy stuff. And so the cycle continues...
  6. So I guess mining and selling coal would bring in a moderate income? Obviously mithril and higher are a bit pointless due to the time it times to mine them, and their slow respawn rates. Apparently, one of the reasons for the Construction skill was for it to be a money sink, and take some dosh out of the system. Did it work much at the time?
  7. I believe Charlie was meant to be Glaswegian.
  8. Gotta love all the players moaning that the event is 'too hard'...
  9. On the RSOF and on Rune Tips, I occassionally see people moaning about only having 10m in gold, or casually talking about getting 2-3m an hour training a skill. I find this somewhat amazing, with little me being happy when he reached 200k. I am starting to see costs where I would need money into the millions, but I have yet to find a decent source of income at my current levels. Also, it seems that there has been massive amounts of inflation over the years (I have only played RS on and off recently), and should anything be done about it? Can anything be done about it? I am sure this topic has probably been discussed ad nauseum, but I would like to see what your views are here on this subject.
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