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  1. how do I put a picture in my avatar?

  2. 1.Introduction Hello. My runescape name is Pwm (Pwn With Me). I am a gmaul pure. (50 attack, high strength, high range, high mage.) I am currently level 51. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.What's Happening? Newset: Oo, I like the new skill. It's aculalty pretty fun! And 62 magic! Holy.! I played till 4:30 in the morning! I got 1m and I also got 56-61 magic, and 68 range, Oh yeah and I did mage arena, very easy lmao. Wow, Fml! I just got 3 defense by accident, What should I do? Keep being 3 def or get higher def? I am so (so) close to being done with Desert Treasure. All I need to do is kill Kamil and I'm done! (well after the pyramid). But I died twice with my cannon. I really need help. I don't know how many blockers I need but I only had one. I was trying to use my cannon on Kamil, but before I could even set it up, he was raping me, haha. The wolves ate up most of my food. I tried trading my friend for some food but the wind or whatever, kept on hitting ones on me and we could never finish the trade completely. So please help me! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.Goals Attack:50(always) Strength:70 Range:70(omfg close) Magic:70(semi-close) Prayer:31(always) Quests: Desert Treasure. Money:I want/need about 3m. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.Stats Attack:50 Strength:50 Range:68 Magic:61 Prayer:31 Defence:3(I know "fail pure...") -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.Pictures Me getting 53 thieving*my name before* Stupid Clue... Owning this fail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.About Me Well, my name is Dennis. I live in Pennsylvania. I like skateboarding a whole lot! I can do many tricks, I go to a skatepark almost every week. Check it out, Pennskate into google. I have long brown hair and blue eyes. There ya go
  3. Hey. I'm new to "Tip-It", I was previously in the forum Runescape Community. My account was not working right, and their forums just weren't fun anymore. I still do play runescape, with a couple of pures. So talk to me? :thumbsup:
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