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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. mining ores in hopes to get in mining guild

  3. I dont have any keyrings since i dont have any other keys. Where do you get a keyring? I need to finish this quest so i can continue to do the warrok achievment guide and also do other quests. Im confused and dont know what else to do. i just wanted to say this is to help some one i know who cant go on forum thanks
  4. Thanks i will go try your advice later :thumbup: Now i look for this keyrings around the digsite area and the exam center right?
  5. I am having a problem with this quest and decied to post here for help. I have somehow lost the key that was givin to me by the miner in the mine shaft. I have tried to find the key but didnt get anywhere. Could someone tell me where i can get anthor key? If i cant get anthor key then i need advice on what to do. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone Im new to tip.it I enjoy playing runescape and tackling new quests I cant wait to get to know people here And hope people will add me Cant wait to strike up some coversations my runescape id is- xrayst09 and lima845 :smile:
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