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  1. This should be fun, I'll try to be there for a while, even if it's like 1am for me lol. Don't know how well the gano gear works there, but if anyone has any questions about traditional gear and familiars, I've been doing Arma since before I had all the fancy stuff, so feel free to ask :)
  2. I have some experience doing Arma and Bandos, and I wouldn't mind going to other gwd with someone experienced. I've also done a fair bit of KBD and KQ, not to mention DKs, but most of my experience is what I mentioned first, Arma and Bandos. Would be willing to teach some basics to those who haven't gone before, and depending on my work schedule I think I could host a few trips here and there. Bossing is something I've been getting more interested in lately :)
  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Hey Tip.it, been using the skill guides for as long as I remember. Took a break a few years back to do some stuff irl, and started playing again a few months back. Re-joined my old clan, and I figured I'd get more involved in the community aspect of it all. So here I am! My name's Jesus, nice to meet you all :).
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