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    Skateboarding, hanging with freinds, movies, basketball, baseball, track & girls.

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  1. Looking for a mature clan, that does pretty well at warring with other clans. lvl 120 btw
  2. Wondering if anyone would take me to armadyl and show me how to do it? pm me in game Envy_ang3l
  3. Im looking for a partner to do the 76k trick with once a day, im currently 107 P2P. pm me on here to apply to be my partner
  4. There both F2P, and you really cant choose any weapon or armour diversity. on P2P you have a whole armory and weapon choice you can pick from.
  5. I was jw which clan you guys think I should join, ive been invited to both so far. And they both seem like very good clans to be in. help me please Should I join Clan Envy or Clan Legendz or
  6. joining clan envy if they accept me, just in case I dont get accepted anyone else want me to join?
  7. Anyone else wanna recruit me? Im currently very interested in clan envy as of right now.
  8. is at school bored....

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