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  1. Hello! I am a long term Runescape player who has played for 11-12 years on & off mostly off. I came back recently to get my 10 year cape & ended up sticking around & getting into Runescape again. I am looking for a relaxed clan, I am not interested in warring or mandatory attendance to events. Just looking for a group of people to chat with while grinding experience. Would prefer to join a UK clan but I am up quite late at night so I am open to NA clans too.
  2. Bascially what the topic says I am looking for a clan with older players. Maybe a 21+ or 18+ clan if such clans exist. My stats should be in my signature. I am not looking for an event based clan more somewhere to chill & talk to other players while I am standing around at ge but I would try to attend events if required.
  3. Hello everyone, I used to play Runescape years ago stopped playing in 2004 & just came back a few days ago. Luckily I remembered my password & I also had a Blue Halloween Mask which seems to be worth crazy amounts of coins now. I am back to the game for good but everything has changed so much, I have spent more time browsing guides on this site than playing. If anyone has time to show an old dog all the new tricks add me in-game same name as username here. Great site it has helped a lot especially all the well written guides.
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