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  1. I think that saying "The ability to use the 'Humidify' spell" covers that one, but thanks for pointing it out. I think this will last for a long time. The demand for tele tabs will be ever lasting, as will the supply of clay and supply of astrals. It may become less profitable, but i think it will always be a decent way to make cash.
  2. 1m Profit Per Hour Plus 25k Magic Experience This guide has only just come into play due to a recent Runescape update. All the information you need is in the video, including requirements, profit calculations, experience calculations and a video showing what is done to get this amazing profit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd6uyqOWAEc Video quality will improve with time, it is still processing as i post this. I hope this helps you all out. Next Guide: 300k - 400k GP Per Hour Plus 20k - 30k Melee Experience! Make sure to subscribe to be the first to see it :) Thanks for reading and/or watching!
  3. Thanks. What is the difference between the two sections? I assumed it was guides in progress are put into beginning guides and finished guides were put in general guides. If this is so, then this should be moved back. Although this is just from guessing. Any feedback on the guide, anyone?
  4. What? I EXPECTED to get minmum GE value for them, and instead got low alchemy value. And if they had said that they had changed it in any of the 20 or so updates since they did, then when i searched i would have had a result and would have put them onto GE at minimum as appose to selling them to the rogue.
  5. I havn't been playing recently. How am i meant to know if the creators of the game don't give any sort of message?
  6. Thank you Jagex for making the update hidden. The update that concerned the price at which the Rogue in Varrock buys unenchanted jewelery. I just lost 5.2m due to them not announcing this significant change from GE minimum to low alchemy price. Why not announce this? It is a pretty significant update. Due to Jagex's idiocy i am now 5m down. That will take at least 10 hours to earn back. Don't say it is my fault for not checking, because i did check. I checked to see if it had been changed via Search on the Runescape website, and nothing came up. So, i assumed that i was good to go. What a fantastic disappointment.
  7. Great, Semi-AFK Melee Experience! First things first, lets define what is meant by "Semi-AFK". Semi-AFK is where you do not have to put in any significant focus or effort. It is completely within the Runescape rules and is a fantastic way to train without getting unbearably bored. You are able to do anything you want, so long as you don't leave your computer. I suggest frequently checking your account no matter what, you don't want to end up dead. So put down your bots and use this method for risk free, low effort experience. Now that we cleared that up, here is the tutorial... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuiTZeizlwg I hope this helps you all out. Next Guide: 5 Great Ways to Gain EP Easily and Effectively! Make sure to subscribe to be the first to see it :) Thanks for reading and/or watching!
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