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  1. anyone know ..is there anywhere to store this outfit
  2. it's ok...I've been stuck on this quest for over six months now and cannot get past it...I give up...will cancel my membership
  3. Hello people..long time no post...still stuck on EOG quest however...is there anywhere that offers real help with this quest????....
  4. Hello everyone...having a prob getting strange rocks from hunter...doing lots of work here but the rocks just don't seem to be coming...have had no probs with other skills...would really like to finish that statue so i can start again!!!...anyone got any ideas or had probs in this area...Gheers Nutty :)
  5. ahhhhh.....i'll give that a go next time..thank you so much
  6. Thank you Kimberly but I seem to be stuck in a loop in the path...just can't get out of it!!!...tried to climb out going east(where the "fence" is)..no go...so any ideas on how I get out of this???...does the path continue to the north...to the east??..where??
  7. No the guide is not clear...I got past the scary wolves to where???....looked around..walked around...stayed there while nothing happened used all food pots etc...died,lost a whole lot of good stuff...tried again with same result...NO ONE appears...NO evil presence...NOTHING!!!!...tired of these dead-end death traps in quests...I've done all that is required in this quest to get to this point only to have to watch my avatar stand there and get slaughtered...sorry about my lack of "nous" using forums
  8. ok...I'm through the ice troll section and into the wolf section...so what now ???...where the hell do you go???...the guide is hopeless
  9. Hello Scapers..anyone give me advice on how to find the Ice Gate after tele to Trollheim...not sure which way to go...thx
  10. ok scapers..anyone know why the re-supply time from Arhein at Catherby dock seems to get later every day??...thought it was a 24hr turnaround
  11. Noble sentiments Slayken..but trees that are blown too much do not grow strong...they just die. Thanks anyhow...booyaa!!!
  12. Yeah...some clown at Jagex thought it would be a laugh to design an agility course that was,as you say,both slow and annoying...hope they rot in hell..I don't mind things that are challenging but find things like this just plain stupid...no wonder it is almost universally hated and there is never anyone there!!!...wake up Jagex this section of the game is a total failure and complete garbage
  13. In players experience what level of agility is required for any degree of success here?...at level 65 I'm basically getting slaughtered even with food and potion boosts up to 68...Thanks Folks
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