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  1. Anybody willing to do Sheild of Arrav and Heroes quest with me? I haven't chosen a side yet so anybody can help. I'll be on for a few hours after posting this. I'm pretty much ready to do it right now.
  2. RuneScape Name: brokenlevee I need a member of: Either Quest:Sheild of Arrav AND Heroes When I'll be on: I will be on for 6 hours after posting this. World/Location:Where ever you want How to contact me:PM on Runescape
  3. That would mean I need every other skill above 50 wouldn't it? I don't really want to do that...
  4. I have like 280 gold and a couple more from killing a few monsters. I haven't really started collecting them yet. Just trying to get combat up and wondering how much it will cost me in gp to get to 50.
  5. What is an approximate cost to raise my summoning level from 4 to 50?
  6. high enough to get 85 combat so i can do smoking kills and just start ranging slayer tasks. 65 att and str will be enough for 85 combat. What about unicorns? I just got over 200k and 16k xp in an hour with them...is cockroaches better than that? It doesn't seem like they would be for some reason.
  7. There's nothing that gives better cash/xp than an F2P monster? really?
  8. I'm P2P. I haven't played runescape consitently in quite a while maybe 2 or 3 years so everything is new to me. 54 att / 43 str / 49 def. 43 prayer 4 summoning Eventually I want to just be 99 def/range and do slayer tasks/other stuff with range and magic only. But I want 85 combat to do smoking kills before I start on range and slayer. I've gotten up to 60 combat so far by almost purely quest reward experience. I'm really broke (not enough to buy rune so I'm using addy) so I'd like to make some money training on whatever.
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