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  1. G'day. I'm looking for an Australian event friendly clan, with a focus on community and PvM events. I'm a level 109 (102 ftp), with a 1800+ total level and a quest cape. When replying, please include standard/typical event times (in GMT). I will not consider anyone who doesn't meet this requirement.
  2. Shops are another victim of recent updates, mainly the G.E. As a free to play player, almost all of the items at the G.E are on or just under the alchemy price. This is compared to general stops witch are at low alchemy prices and specialist shops at high alchemy prices (but quickly drops when you bulk sell). So everyone would naturally sell to the G.E. as it entails the largest possible profit. I remember well in my newb days of selling my bronze and iron equipment to the general store and having to wait 5 or so minutes for a free space. For this to be "revived" would mean that the G.E. would be removed, but needless to say this will cause a whole host of problems. I'm not suggesting reviving old money sinks, but rather new ones to replace them as the game changes.
  3. I enjoyed the first article. A very nice read and this debate was also interesting. I do agree that inflation is indeed hard to fight, due to a community that is obsessed to finding the most efficient and/or effective way to obtain money. Players will always find a stable (to a certain extent) way to obtain currency. As a whole I did find your points well planned out. On the other hand, I did somewhat disagree with your fourth point. New money sinks are still needed in Runescape. The reason being is that many old money sinks are out of date, due to updates. The example with I will provide is death, before gravestones, the chances of getting your items back after death was very small. But with gravestones and spawn points near banks, the chances have been improved enormously. So you might be "risking" gear which is worth millions during a boss fight, but the odds of you re-obtaining them is pretty reasonable. Wealth isn't exiting the system. You can argue some exceptions, but as a whole money is just sitting there. The only way money seems to leave the system on a significant scale is when an account is abandoned, but then the money is only archived. That means that it can re-enter the system at any time, if the account rejoins the community. I only see involuntary money sinks as a viable solution for fixing the increasing inflation. One suggestion that I can give would be to reduce the value of drops in the Party Room, by reducing them by 10% (or more) can have a significant impact in that area of the game. A one million drop can be converted into a nine hundred thousand drop. You could expand this by making the Room only drop coins; so that junk items can be somewhat useful. I have nothing against you, but I don't see "fixing the leaks" as a viable opinion.
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