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  1. So 75 atk 99 str 70 def 70 pray doesn't do well? Those are the stats were I'll start pking. But I do plan on getting 95 pray then 99 attack.
  2. So in other words there won't be many people at all pking with them. So 75 atk 99str 95 pray 70 def 99 Mage/range 90+hp That will do well?
  3. Chaotic weapons? I was told AGS was the best weapon for pking. If it's not what's the requirements for it and how much does it cost? I'm thinking of 95 pray. But i think it would just take to much time :-/ maybe in the future once I get a some time in the wildy
  4. Deffinatly once I'm home. At work now on my iPhone. But can some one actualy help me with some info that I requested?
  5. What was your stakers name? Thats all I did. Mainly on this account but I had.. Eat My Runes and E M R I staked mainly on black 0f 0ld and l o 0 o 0 0l who is still banned. :-(
  6. Well to late for that I was 1 defense. What do you mean by flip? Merch? And I won't be pking for money... Just for the enjoyment :-) and to bring back some old memories :-) Are they bringing back staking?? $.$
  7. Hi guys black 0f 0ld here back in action from 5 years ago. I had a 5 year ban and I just retrieved my account. And have a lot of work to do seeing that my account was a staker I had 0 skills 0 quest points and 0 prayer. This is one of my many account that I was able to retrieve after I quit. Well anyways I strictly play for pking. And I'm thinking of making a 70 defense pure. But nowadays I don't know much about rs seeing that it has changed much. Current level/goals Attack 75 - 80 Strength 89 - 99 Defense 60 -70 Prayer 43 - 70 or 95* would like your opinion :-) Mage 78 - 99 Range 68 - 99 Would like your output on my current goals. And wether this account will be very successful in the wildy or not. I greatly appreciate everyones feedback :-D At the moment I'm working on skill requirements and quests for barrows gloves. P.S. The reason I said rich pure is because my account has over 1.8b on it GE value.
  8. I am wondering what skills will be needed for rune gloves? do i need 70 cooking or is that just for dragon gloves? Also how far do i need to get into legends for rune gloves? I know i have to start it but am not sure how far i have to go and what skills i need to have to get there. I just dont want to do the extra work for nothing all i want is rune gloves for pking. Any help will be greatly appreciated! :D
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