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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. I like the blast furnace, and wanted to improve the speed of trips. And now I would like to share my plans Recomended 60+ Smithing Good for people who solo What you need --------------------------- Noted coal Hammer Bucket Spade Coins-Lots V-Tabs 22 of the ore your smithing -Start off by making your Varock teleport to the G.E -From there get everything listed above -Run to the TrapDoor in the G.E and go to the blast furnace -Deposit the 22 ores of what ever your smithing onto the Belt -Use the noted coal on Odin and get 22 coal back, Repeat untill your at max or put in two loads (44 For mith) (66 For Addy) (88 for rune) -From there run the Furnace -Make your bars, Then V-Tab to repeat Hope this helps
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