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  1. Yawn in the rogue's general store. Beware of double agents. Equip an iron square shield, blue dragon vambraces and an iron pickaxe. It used to be an adamant square shield and a rune pickaxe. I suppose the change was to make it less expensive to die in the wilderness? Regards Thee Drover PS I have the screen shot of the clue if you need that
  2. Fictional articles - the thing I appreciate most about them is the cleverness of the various authors and the aspects of runescape they focus on through linkages of word and theme choices. It's the styles they use that I enjoy reading. Dungeoneering - tried it once in a group and once alone, didn't like it either time so I've not been back. It has a very 2 dimensional feel to it, which for me is so out of character with the rest of Runescape. Perhaps I've just been spoilt too much playing other team based games. You can do most things by yourself on Runescape, if I lost that game aspect then I would probably stop paying to play. Everything is a grind if you have no focus on an outcome. If you have that focus then nothing is a grind.
  3. The first article - I tend to agree with its overall direction, and to that end have, so far at least, refused to do any of the Void Knight quests. I do find it annoying that we are forced to try the minigame to complete the quest. Perhaps adults should not play Runescape, but I would prefer that I was not made to feel like a child and told to play a minigame to complete a quest. Or should I now assume that they are trying to make quests more team based by forging them together with a minigame. I used to enjoy quests immensely and really placed a high value on having a quest cape, but of late they have become far too unimaginative for my liking. My personal opinion only, so please don't take this as saying anything more than that. The second article - Never had an issue with tracking name changes of those on my friends list. The third article - not something I am really interested in, but I do appreciate and admire the skill and dedication of those that can write.
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