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  1. Hello, as the topic says, this is not a correction but a suggestion. There is a "Monster hunting" guide for hunting aviansies. But there bestiary entries don't have a link to them... That's all i'm suggesting: add a link to their hunting guide.
  2. Hello, this is the current rout that's displayed in farming skill guide: And that's a very long rout if you ask me... People should just use the "Tai Bwo wannai teleport" scroll, which can be easily bought on G.E.
  3. Hello, it seems Chart and Watch ar no longer needed. I just completed a coordinate task while only having a sextant and they clue scroll. Could someone confirm or deny this?
  4. Hello, the Mole hunting guide is outdated. To be more specific - equipment. The photos in the guide suggest to take a poisoned dragon dagger which as we know no longer exist(Now we use "Weapon Poison" potions to poison something/someone). This may be the case with other monster hunting guides aswell, but i'm reporting this one because when hunting the giant mole it is crucial to poison him. Furthermore, it seems it doesn't start digging around until his lifepoints drop below 30k or somewhat. This should be tested more.
  5. Hello, Cave Goblin Miner just dropped me a Cave goblin skull, the bone from Rag and Bone man quest.
  6. Hello, This is not a serious problem. The task is M14. It says: " simply use the silver dust and the garlic on the restore potion", from which i understood that silver dust goes before garlic. But I spent 5minutes trying that and I found out that silver dust goes after garlic. So the guide is not mistaken! I just think this is easier to understand.
  7. Hello, Tip.it guide says that to get to Desert strykewyrms you need to hop over the stile in the fence, but theres no fence anymore. Now there is a big wall and you have to pass border guards. ("Pass through East Gate") Here is a photo of the entrance:
  8. It's not the guide writer's fault. Just when wildy returned some quests changed to make them safer for us.
  9. Well? was Mr. Werpheus a confirmation you needed?
  10. so will the guide is going to get fixed?
  11. Well i noticed some changes (probably because of the wild return). Your guide's part - Infiltration is wrong, it says: "Go to the base, located under the Chaos Temple in the southern Wilderness (north of Varrock)." but if you do that ,you'll get a message: It's not safe going there alone. You need to go to norteast tower of Varrock palace. Talk to Hartwin. He takes you to the chaos temple. There might be more mistakes. -Your friend, Traktoriukas
  12. NEVER MIND. My mistake, Whooops
  13. hello, Durring Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest you can travel between Tiadeche and Tinsay if you completed or started Fairytale part II. The codes are: CKR near Tinsay and DKR near Tiadeche. Hope this helps you.And i think this should be added to the guide.
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