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  1. Yeah do this Only bad part is the weather. The a/c becomes your best friend throughout the year.
  2. I've been out of the loop for a while but I'm glad you're doing alright buddy!
  3. I can see the resemblance. Also, I have only seen the first episode. Laziness is keeping me from watching the rest of it. I'm the same with most series. The first few episodes interest me but I never manage to finish the series.
  4. With capture power level 3 quick balls might as well be master balls.
  5. I've been breeding some phantumps. Harvest trevenant with a sitrus or chesto berry is pretty damn dirty.
  6. I got lots of clothes. I guess I'm going to be pulling in the [bleep]es now!
  7. I also love how you can create a team in 5 minutes and forget about iv breeding and ev training. Plus the RNG trolling your ass. It still exists on showdown. Try hitting something with a focus blast or a stone edge and not missing.
  8. I also love how you can create a team in 5 minutes and forget about iv breeding and ev training.
  9. No evasion clause in battle maison unfortunately ;-;
  10. What's worse is when your opponent starts toxic stalling and using double team ;-;.
  11. I think me, you and Ambler are the only harpies that still play. Well I don't play hardcore right now, probably because my stats [bleep]ing suck I haven't felt like playing rs since rs3 was released. It looks like a generic mmo now :/.
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