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    Im a electrician!!!!!!!!!!!! there and i love basketball. PLaying xbox is at the top of the list as well.ANd i loveeeee my wifey!

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  1. does anyone have any good ways to get ranarr weed

  2. thanx for the comment soz on the late reply busy doing work

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Darling you are my first friend!:))lol

    I want to be members though babe:( cant do anything,oh well see you when you get home.And you better help me too;(

  5. Land of the goblins quest too much back tracking

    1. Schatzicakes
    2. Schatzicakes


      Awww thanks baby that makes things easier,love you too baby.

    3. Schatzicakes


      Hey hey hey you work tommorrow better make me one soon.

  6. Random Quests geeeeeeee....need to train thieving =/

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