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  1. Hah good [cabbage] bro, im working on my pure as well pretty much the same type too. you plan on raising its prayer?mine is gonna stay f2p and i been thinking about that. i like the video and i have to admit you got me going on the house music, i like dubstep too but house music is my favorite ;D!
  2. Tbh, Being in Rune Raiders, i noticed no corrupted members. Lots of ex-RR's are comin back and the high ranks are filled in by the originals. Most of the clan hoppers here seem to enjoy it because no one seemed to go raging when we lost one of our wars. We may not go as far as the oldschool RR was, but the leaders are looking to make it the best community possible. What are your views about clans who reopen under the same name - should they? Shouldn't they? They should only be opened if the high ranks decide to re-open it. Without the original high ranks, things will obviously be different. How would you react if, in the future, your current clan closed but then reopened?Well my clan is the current subject so..ya :lol: Have you seen any examples of clans reopening and being successful? Or opening under a different name and being successful?RSD is one of the highlighted re opened clans.
  3. Happy birthday! ^.^

  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. Hey ninja and Ruge! if you guys are still looking for a clan, Blasphemy 96+(with 70 def) is the place for you!we have tons of members always looking for random short prepped events to do like pvm and mini games.our warring is also a great thing to be a part of. If you have swift kit, you can sometimes set up fun events with the clan for the fun of it! If you have further questions feel free to ask me anytime on here, swiftkit, or in game if you find me online(Trevino). hope to see you two fellas around! [ Memberlist ] - [ Gallery ] - [ Testimonials ] - [ Videos ] Please Click Here To Check Out Our Full Thread
  6. Good stuff envy! keep it up.
  7. Well looks like you have a bad history, hope your showing that your turning that around. welcome to tip it EA.
  8. Hey lorena, if your still looking around for a clan. I highly suggest Blasphemy. were actively warring, chatting, and having random events! #blasphemy to drop by and meet our community. Feel free to send me a pm if you have any further questions. [ Memberlist ] - [ Gallery ] - [ Testimonials ] - [ Videos ] Please Click Here To Check Out Our Full Thread
  9. Goodfight RBH, really well fought :).
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