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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdw-OtM3KiY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3GofFIHcxE FATALITY VS CLUSTER This fight began with (What we believe) Was CP vs FOE. Unfortunately it was crashed by EOP. Upon this we decided to go after EOP Mainly in this cluster. This fight slowly began to expand to opposite corners so an exact ending was hard to predict. Fatality Starting:60+ Eruption Pures:60-65 Final Ownage:60-70 Corrupt Pures:60-65 Fatality Ending:40+ Eruption Pures:0 Final Ownage:?? Corrupt Pures:?? FATALITY VS ZENITH This fight began with Zenith defending the Sperm Hill. We quickly rushed from the south, the fight was balanced for quite some time until Fatality began upholding the upper hand and pushing onto the north side. Quickly killing off the remaining Zenith, unfortunately the fight was crashed before it could be completely finished. Fatality Starting:50+ Zenith: 50+ Fatality Ending:35-40+ Zenith:10-15+ FATALITY VS ZENITH This fight began with Fatality scouting Zenith who were running toward BHB. We quickly intercepted them. The majority of Zenith decided to go into BH instead of fighting, those who were left outside were killed. Fatality Starting:50 Zenith: 45? Fatality Ending:50 Zenith:?? In BHB FATALITY VS FINAL OWNAGE This fight began with both sides rushing each other at 18 Portals. FOE Gained A starting upperhand with the Number advantage, but the fight eventually pushed Below Stairs. The fighting continued for quite some time while Fatality was gaining numbers, eventually FOE decided to leave the fight (Telling us that MM Was going to crash?). Review the pictures for more details. Fatality Starting:55 Final Ownage: 50-65+ Fatality Ending:45+ Final Ownage:?? In BHB FATALITY VS MAYHEM MAKERS This was one of the most entertaining fights to date. The fight began at Ruins where MM & FOE Both held their sides. Eventually Fatality picked up momentum with the field advantage, but unfortunately the fight was Crashed (TLP Were quickly cleared by the AC). Fatality Starting:40+ Mayhem Makers:40+ Fatality Ending:30+ Mayhem Makers:?? :Random Pictures: Killing TLP Others
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXM8G871uk0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a6rTSzClsE Today Fatality had a great pull of 45 to a 30 minute prep versus the Mayhem Makers. It was a great way to end the year, and was great practice for our F2P game. Thanks for the fights MM. Fatality Starting: 29 (Sitting from 42) Mayhem Makers: 29 Fatality Ending: 16 Mayhem Makers: 0 Fatality Starting: 33 (Sitting from 44) Mayhem makers: 33 Fatality Ending: 23 Mayhem Makers: 0
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlSJXrjsn4
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlSJXrjsn4 Today Fatality challenged Corrupt Pures in a 30 minute Prep Matched Fight. We pulled 50 people in total to this short prep. The opposing clan put up a good fight but Fatality proved it's dominance in the playing field. Fatality Starting:34 Corrupt Pures Starting:34 Fatality Ending:21 Corrupt Pures Ending:0 This fight was interrupted with the world disconnecting Fatality Starting:34 Corrupt Pures Starting:34 Fatality Ending:19 Corrupt Pures Ending:6 Fatality Starting:29 Corrupt Pures Starting:29 Fatality Ending:20 Corrupt Pures Ending:0
  5. Coming Soon! Today Fatality gave our farewell to 2010 with a great trip pulling of 50 and peaking at 56. We were lucky enough to have many clans to compete with. Respect to each of you for giving us fights. And... We began our trip by scouting CT, and Tribulation, and quickly decided to rush. The fight was cleared within a few seconds due to us outnumbering each clan. Respect to both of you, and sorry for the crash. After clearing CT, and TB we found Chaotic/Zenith north of Clan Wars. We quickly rushed to the west and pushed them there north. After a few minutes of fighting it simply became a task of clearing the remaining members. Fatality Starting:50+ Chaotic Starting:50 Zenith Starting:45 Fatality Ending:40 Chaotic Ending:0 Zenith Ending:0 Featuring Eruption of Pures The fight began with Carnage rushing out, quickly followed by Fatality. The fight was over within minutes, and from there EOP Rushed in, where we held our position and fought until the fight was finally crashed by Mains with FOE/TLP Fatality Starting:50+ Carnage Starting:30 Eruption Pures: 40 Fatality Ending:40 (Logged) Carnage Ending: 0 Eruption Pures:?? The fight started where Fatality rushed FOE at Bounty Hunter, where MM started to attack from the south, instead of turning this into a cluster. We decided to grab some free loot and take a common enemy down. Fatality Starting:45+ Mayhem Makers:55 Final Ownage:70 Fatality Ending:40 Mayhem Makers:45 Final Ownage:0
  6. Coming Soon! Fatality were rushed by TLP north of Clan Wars, and began to pick them off. The fight was looking very close although CP rushed from our north immediately pushing us both into Clan Wars. Despite the false claims TLP have about this fight, we ended with near even numbers. Fatality Starting: 40ish TLP Starting: 40ish Fatality Ending: 35 + before the crash The Last Pures Ending: 20ish before the crash Fatality found TLP, and Z fighting in our world by the level 18 port, and we decided to quickly run in and clear them. We ended up getting quite a bit of loot from the fight. Featuring Zenith Fatality Starting: 40 TLP Starting: 40ish Zenith Starting: 50+ Fatality Ending: 35+ TLP Ending: 10 Zenith Ending: 40+ Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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