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  1. Most stores wouldn't let me pay any less than the total*... I don't know where you get this information. Seriously. *: Only exception was a family run farmer's market. I once was about a dollar short and they let it slide. But then again, I am a regular customer during spring/summer/fall and it was a family run business, not some megalomaniac corporation... The information I gave her was based on what I do and what plenty of other Korean Supermarkets do here in Hawaii. When I went to North Carolina, stores over their do it as well. Way to make a fool out of yourself. Edit: She pointed it out as well. Edit2: Even you did. LOL
  2. 1) Please stop name calling. It's not cool bro. Just makes you look bad. EDIT: referrence to eariler post you made. 2) Yes I would, McDonalds doesn't say "Oh 50 cents short. That's okay". They are ultimately a business and you have to pay the price they say. Now Jagex pardoning the votes is probably to STILL encourage people who have not voted to come in. If the 30k votes still don't show and they pardon it, I suppect they are hoping it will in the short run once players see they are upkeeping 2007rs as if they had got 30k. Probelm is, what if they never get it? That's why it's such a big push now. People want it, just not in the amount Jagex hoped to make a profit and break even. So they pull all these trick just short of poll rigging, and bring more people in, yet it's still not enough. So they pardon the vote in hopes they rest will come... That's the way I see it. Don't get offended, it wasn't at you. That's how McDonalds sees it. They are a low profit type of business. If the Sandwich costs 1.50$ to make and I'm charging you 2.00$, darn right they will tell you to leave. Every company has their own policy. There is nothing wrong in what Jagex is doing. Make your members happy and you secure their loyalty for years to come.
  3. http://forum.tip.it/...n/#entry5275482 What do the servers have to do with the poll? The poll has nothing to do with the servers. If the poll goes down do the servers have to go down as well? Separate entity. #Logic
  4. PolarBearBlue; Jagex pardoning votes is perfectly fine. Say someone came into my store and wanted to purchase products worth up to 30$ but he's short a dollar... Do I tell him to get out or do I take the 29$? If we got up to 470k votes, then of course Jagex should pardon us. Heck I still don't believe we have more than 500k individual paying members.
  5. I don't suppose the fact that they've done it before counts? My proof How's this proof that Jagex is cheating? I had to edit it because I fail at quoting, but he basically said he'll make up the difference. See 999134 post on page 75. Again, how is this cheating?
  6. I don't suppose the fact that they've done it before counts? My proof How's this proof that Jagex is cheating?
  7. No, you're 10k away, as in find me 10k more people who want this and we'll fake the remaining 24k... Damn folks. Jagex is cheating for us! We don't have enough people to support 2007scape so we need Jagex to do this! As in, Jagex is forcing 2007scape back!
  8. Will it be possible at some point for normal members to play as F2P on old school servers? Mod Mmg: Hopefully if we hit 500K votes all members will have access to the service for free! I've just seen that we are only 10K away from hitting the 250K level!!! Uh... last I checked (which is now) we're still 34k votes away...
  9. Funny how the votes per/minute has gone up from less than to 30 for the past hour. With the news about it being released this Friday, expect even more people to vote just to try it out. Heck, and while 2007scape is out and people are enjoying it, the people who haven't voted will now vote just to get in on the fun. And when the active users on EoCscape drops to 20k, even more people will vote. No wonder JaGex released it early. Damn they've gotten smart!
  10. It means a lot that Jagex mentioned in their tiers the possibility of updates. Seems like they kind of quit on EoC or something and want to start all over again.
  11. Your analogy is correct in some ways but there are many different conflicting variables here: -Other than the new combat system, RS2 and EoC are pretty much the same thing. Same game play, same skilling, same interaction, just cosmetic changes and added features are what differs them. -RS2 was 100% different from RSC. Everything from the tiles to the trees were different. Game play was much different and the way you interacted with NPC's, objects, and friends were different. -Our generation is much different than before. Players were entering a whole new generation/era of gaming. EoC is NOT something the world hasn't seen.(WoW). RS2 was. -While 12,000 players were a lot back then, they are no match to 200k players (and increasing). -JaGeX is a much different company then it was back then. They are much more experienced and they have a lot more money and a larger developing team. So with this, they can advertise properly, maintain their servers better, and update a few things here and there. But of course, if JaGeX is not careful this could be another RSC.
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