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  1. Yea.. Mark's first page was FaceMash.com, which receives less hits than FaceSmash.com.. Anyway.. You don't need to go to the site if you're scared in any way..here's a facebook link which also has the logo :) Didn't mean to put caps in the title btw..
  2. (sorry about capslock on title.. didn't mean to) Looking for a professional, finished-quality logo to be created for FaceSmash.com (if it sounds familiar it's because you've seen 'The Social Network') . Not looking to rush anyone, you tell me how much time you need and what you want in return.. Post or PM me.. you can also email me at [email protected] You can start fresh/throw me ideas you may have for a new logo OR use what's on the site as a bases. Thanks :) Jon
  3. looking for someone in the tip.it community.. and again- I AM giving more details to those to message me..
  4. Non-disclosure agreements say I cannot discuss the site details to others. What i'm looking for is someone who can look at the drawing I have and turn it into a logo for the site (content isn't really a need-to-know thing).. like the firefox one.. --Jon
  5. It can be polished even more after today but I need to get a logo on the front-end code of the site. P.S. If you've seen the Social Network you'll have heard of this website
  6. It needs color/ a professional/polished product, by today.. (Illustrator/ maybe some photoshop) You can continue to make it more of a finished product after, though I need something posted today. it return, your work will be in site's the credits (the website WILL be seen by many and this could help get your name out there). If you need/want details and/or interested please pm me! -Jon
  7. Hey y'all (yep.. from TX) I'm lvl 81, pure, if you pvp add me- always looking for partners.. RS name is B I S H O P Anyway.. I've played and used tip.it for a long time (since like 01 i think, this is one of my newer account) and finally decided to join the forums instead of just reading them.
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