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  1. How does Smiddi Ryak level up? She doesn't seem willing to help me kill monsters lol
  2. Hi, Are you looking for a clan that is relaxed and has fun events? Then this is exactly the clan for you! Our clan is called Deflection and we are a Dutch (NL + Vlaams) Community that likes chatting and having fun together. It's open to both skillers and fighter and a mix of both ofcourse. We have lots of events every week for you to contribute to! We have events ranging from GWD, DKS, KBD to BA, GOP, SC, dungeoneering, citadel building, etcetera... We are also aiming to get a very nice citadel and hope you are willing to help us with that too :smile: At the moment we're working very hard to reach a tier 3 citadel! We have about 60 clanmembers at this moment! The requirements to join our clan are: - Either 100+ combat or a total skilling level of 1000+ (i.e. total level without combat skills) - You must be Dutch (Vlaams of Nederlands) - You need to be social and willing to help your clan! That's all! I hope you like it and that we will meet soon! Smeithan
  3. I hate skeletal wyverns too much to go try them out right now , so close to 99. I've done waterfiends again. This time I used a zamorak spear and tanked their hits well. I was able to get about 261 crimsons, which is about 60 more than last time. Atm I've been doing dungeoneering a lot. I'm only 25,000 tokens away from a Chaotic Mail and then I'll be able to kill those waterfiends a lot faster I hope. I will update how much chamrs I get with a maul soon enough.
  4. I have enough charms banked to get me to lvl 98 with 700k xp left till 99.
  5. I don't know how to soulsplit properly with 5 waterfiends on me :mad: I used black d'hide - yes, I'm cheap - and don't forget my rapier. It must have caused slower kills too. I was able to survive when they became unagressive and I only lost about 5 minute while waiting. There are a few ways around it. The first way is to get a task - it should increase your healing by a lot. A second way is to get a maul, mainly because it's more reliable and allows you to pick up drops without losing attacks. Thirdly you can try using void if you're not getting a task - you'll lose magic defence but you will also heal a bit more, and your accuracy should jump (important with rapier especially). Finally, you can try keeping protect from ranged on and flashing soul split. This requires more concentration but you will take a lot less damage. I think I'm gonna get a maul now, as I already have 85k tokens. I do use soulsplit flashing when I'm in a 1-to-1 fight with a waterfiend. When 5 of them are on me I think that about 1 or 2 will be able to hit with their ranged atk while I flash soulsplit. I don't see the use of soulsplit with 5 waterfiends on you, as you're just healing the lp you lost from their attacks. Also, getting a slayer task is excluded out of these options. It will take a few tasks to get them and these will give me those unwanted hitpoints xp.
  6. I don't know how to soulsplit properly with 5 waterfiends on me :mad: I used black d'hide - yes, I'm cheap - and don't forget my rapier. It must have caused slower kills too. I was able to survive when they became unagressive and I only lost about 5 minute while waiting.
  7. Update: I just did triple charms on waterfiends in chaos tunnels. I was able to collect: 24 gold charms 21 green charms 201 crimson charm 6 blue charms As you can see this is slightly less than I would get at rock lobsters, where I average at about 250. This is probably because it's my first try and I wasn't doing too well. When I entered all waterfiends got on me, so I needed a lot of health. I only brought 6 rocktails and with those I was able to last about 5 minutes there before having to wait at the other side of the portal until they became unagressive. So I lost about 5 minutes time there. I also wasn't using a very good weapon (for waterfiends). I used my chaotic rapier, as I don't have a chaotic maul (yet). Chaotic rapier does quite the job, but speed is - I guess - a lot lower than it would be with a maul. EDIT: I was NOT on a slayer task.
  8. I don't wanna get Summoning 99 'before' Hitpoints. My plan is to get them at the same time, so I don't have to annoy my friends twice in a row :P
  9. This chaotic tunnels waterfiend slaying, I'll check it out. Have to find a guide on it though. As for Skeletal Wyverns :lol: I hate those and I guess it will cost quite a lot for the cannonballs anywhere. I can sure use my money at this moment, as I don't have a lot. I got 640,000 HP xp left. I try to kill Bork every day. I did all elite diaries, so that should get me 15k xp each day. Hope wfs will help me get the rest :grin:
  10. Yeah, I actually did Waterfiends a lot, but I was low leveled and only achieved around 200 crimsons maximum. Hope I can get a lot more now.
  11. Hi everyone, I really like Summoning and that's why I try hard to gather as many charms as possible. I'm close to reaching 99 Summoning and I'd like to get it together with 99 Constitution. I don't think I'll be able to gather enough charms for another 900k Summoning experience before I run out of Hitpoints experience though. :blink: I do Triple Charms every week and I've tried several methods. First I did Waterfiends, but it was costly and not a lot of charms for me. I used saradomin sword or zamorak spear. Then I swapped them for Rock Lobsters. These were great as I got a lot of charms as well as Magic xp, which was very welcome. These days I don't bother about Magic xp anymore, because i'm nearing 99 anyway. When I bursted Rock Lobsters I was able to get about 300 crimson charms in 30 minutes. Nowadays, when I use Barrage (!), I'm able to get about 250 crimson charms. It seems to me that Rock Lobsters are nerfed. I don't wanna spend anymore money on these as their drop rates are too low. I think I'm able to get over 300 crimsons at Waterfiends, now that I have 95 atk and str, turmoil and extremes, but I'm not sure... I might consider getting a chaotic maul too, if it turns out Waterfiends are the better method. :shades: Some people might use their 40 minutes of triple charms on other monsters, like stated in the poll. So tell me, what do you do with Triple Charms and why do you think it's the best method? Tell me your charm drop rates, tips, gear, etc... Thanks in advance, :thumbsup: ~Smeithan~
  12. Thanks :) With Ahrims I have 107 mage atk with void 64.
  13. I only do rock lobster bursting once a week with triple charms on so I don't spend too much money. The rest of the week I do slay for charms :D I like your method too and I guess people use yours alot more, but it comes to personal choices I think. Thanks though, cuz now Ima buys some ahrims robes! :P
  14. Thanks alot! My inventory looks quite the same as yours. I once wanted to buy Battle robes but my friend and I calculated that the time you'll need to get FOG tolens to recharge your robes is more than enough to make back the money lost by ur runes. Batlle robes are pretty expensive as well on street. BTW would proselyte do good aswell for running with pray? Cuz it's a lot cheaper. And would full ahrims be good too for bursting? Instead of Brobes cuz I can repair 'em cheap with 99 smith ^^ All the 15% bonuses are for mge accurary?
  15. Same as my other question actually :P I'm gonna burst some rock lobsters the other day and I'm not sure if the equipment I usually take is good: Void mage helm - ahrim's robetop - blue cape (soulwars) - Arcane stream necklace - void deflector - staff of light - elite void bottom - lumbridge/draynor diary ring 4 - void gloves - mystic boots My actual question is: Do the 15% mage bonuses of the necklace, void, staff of light and mystic might prayer add up to 60%? Or should I swap some equipment?
  16. Thanks I guess I'll stick with armadyl chestplate then. Haven't got the sacred clay armour yet anyway. My friend said sacred clay is always the best way and that seems to be not true :P
  17. They last for about 33.3k each i heard so thats pretty good xp and I'll need about 10 for one hour.
  18. I'll just be straight to the point: I want to go chinning soon at Ape Atoll. I'm gonna use sacred clay armour (coif or chaps) to get double exp. The setups are: - Sacred clay chaps, elite void body, void ranger helm, void gloves, void deflector OR - Sacred clay coif, armadyl top, armadyl legs, barrows gloves, unholy book (The rest is same for both sets) I thought void would be best but my ranged bonus won't be too high and the 15% effect might not be worth it, but the other set is pretty expensive though. Post what u think below please!
  19. I really like ur guide, but Ive got a question: Im going to chin soon again and I thought about combining sacred clay chaps with void (sacred clay chaps + void deflector + void gloves + void ranger helm + elite void body). Some say it's better to use armadyls or karils because of the higher ranged bonus overpowering the 15% accurary (armadyl legs + armadyl top + sacred clay coif +barrows gloves + unholy book). Which one is best u think?
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