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  1. I myself am a member as of the writing of this response, but I have spent my fair share of the last 6.5 years of my gameplay as a nonmember. While I do believe in the concept of paying up for the members' game - after all, there IS a REASON it's called members'-only - it is true that nonmembers are lacking quite a bit of content relative to the pace of advancement of members. September's BTS appears to offer several exciting updates - but not a one will be for nonmembers, it would seem. I guess nonmembers are going to have to wait for the "In other news..." at the bottom of a major update in order to get anything. Hey nonmembers, don't fret though - as a member, I've noticed that I've been looking forward to the In other news much more than I have to about 2/3 of the "major" updates this year. To conclude, it is clear that Jagex could do a little more to provide for their free game, but no matter what, if you want the full experience of RuneScape, you're going to have to pay.
  2. Hello! I'm Josh, and I've been playing RuneScape since February '05. I noticed a nuclear engineer in the earlier posts; I hope to go on to study nuclear engineering in college, to let y'all know. There isn't really much else to say, except that I have been using tip.it's calculators, planners, skill guides, and monster hunting guides for years. I finally decided that I wanted to be a part of this community in addition to RuneScape's, so here I am. =) Since I'm still a high school senior about to enter the second semester, I don't have a career to mention nor a lot of free time to spend on the computer once this break is over, but I hope that I can come on consistently enough and offer whatever experience I happen to have in the various services offered on this site.
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