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  1. ok so i am level 117 fresh back to the game after free trade updates blah blah you know the story. well anyway i started doing dungeoneering. i am currently level 14 and its so slow to level .what is the best way for me to get around this without having to deal with newbs.
  2. well i wated to start by f2p pking around 60 magic, do i want prayer or defense as f2p, i do plan to go p2p but after i learn some f2p pk
  3. Sorry if in the wrong forum, but is anybody else having problems logging in right now
  4. Im looking for an idea for a good mage set up, the account isnt created yet but im open for ideas
  5. IS there a way to completely delete a house to start from scratch?
  6. Im Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but is there an official tip.it clan chat
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