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    i used Maya 2011 Here is some of my other work: All of these are low poly , textured and ready to be put in a game engine.
  2. copyright


    Final version of the model:
  3. copyright


    Hey, heres a high poly of an Uzi I made, it's not supposed to be in any one uzi model in pataicular, I improvised some of it for fun
  4. True, it is just a box up front. But what went behind the scenes to make this box I could write 10 paragraphs in all aspects of making it. :D
  5. This is a World War One crate I made for a game 512 x 512 Diffuse , Specular , Normal maps. Programs used: Maya 2011 for Modelling , AO baking , Uvmapping Photoshop : Texturing Crazybump: Normal mapping.
  6. Maya 2011 for Modelling and Uvmapping and Photoshop CS5 for texturing. I am thinking of making the DH Greataxe next
  7. torag hammers I made for fun.
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