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  1. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=crafting_guide.htm#urns This is the Urns section of the crafting guide, it explains pretty much everything. I'm wondering if it is actually worth it?
  2. Dragons are a common enemy in Skyrim, essentially most of them will probably just fly around and when they see you (Or whatever they want to [bleep] up.) They will attack. Hopefully they are as epic as this one. Here is a gif if anyone want's it. As a subscriber to Game Informer I have read that Dragons will be immensely fierce and will show up at random to destroy towns, and you of course. Your character being a Dragonborn, allows you to speak the language of the dragons. One power actually allows you to say the true name of a legendary dragon, in turn, calling him forth to fight by your side. The graphics look amazing, the story is gonna be jam packed with action and suspense. Along with the occasional humor. The Elder Scrolls has been story driven from day 1. A new engine is going to allow them to do some interesting stuff with the landscape and weather effects. Now you can even dual wield weapons/spells, along with change your hand equips on the fly. A new menu system is gonna blow your pants off, and the perks are now pick-able much like in Fallout and New Vegas. I seriously can't wait until this hits stores. Im gonna die of starvation. lol
  3. Hi, I'm just looking for someone to mine/smelt/smith bronze, iron, etc. with. I'm looking at mining more simpler ores. I plan on farming these all day to level a bit on my new character Gundolf. Things just get boring by yourself, and I'm simply looking for some in-game friends. I used to play long before the GE, so I have experience. My previous account was Poopywoopy69 and I was a member, but I'm not looking at becoming a member until my levels are some what adequate. I am also looking at forming a fun, friendly, involved guild with people of the same nature. I have never really participated in group activities before, and just want to revisit one of my favorite games with a new outlook. Just add me as a friend and message me whenever! Today I will be mostly around Varrock mining copper and tin, until i can smelt iron.
  4. I feel like this is so risky though, but there is always the choice of holding the items i buy until they increase again. I've always been a "farmer" type of player. Where i sit down and farm something until my eyes bleed. Thanks again!
  5. Would I need to follow the GE price changes via the RS website religiously to be able to profit immensely from flipping? Or could i make an investment in a large quantity of something and wait until the price does go up? Basically what would be the most effective way of tracking prices, and knowing when to buy and sell?
  6. A maxed runite pure can be around 110 combat and have straight 99s across the combat board(Except for defense, which would be 40) paired with 95 prayer. That's a 16 combat level difference from main accounts with similar offensive stats. That can really be worth it when you train your account specifically for combat. And if you train your account that high, you really have to have PvP in mind. So i think you would be decent enough to beat most mains at that combat level. But other then that, in a nutshell, you're correct. But remember, a combat pure could skill just as easily as a main in almost every skill. Why you would choose to get 99 in a skill on a combat pure over your main though, is up to question. I made my Zerker pure(limits defense to 45) just because i was bored, and i wanted to start a new account to make members and quest on and such. I had done it previously on a non-pure account where i trained it from level 3 - 100 in a members' world, but i stopped after said 100 combat and enough money to buy a d plate. I never PK'ed so i didn't create him for PvP, i just wanted to add a new spin on training. After creating my Zerker, i planned out my quests so the defense exp for the quests i wanted wouldn't make me go over 45 defense, and before i knew it, i was hooked. Now a year and a half later, he's nearing 90 strength. Sure he could be maxed by now, but i've just been enjoying wasting time on him. Such as going to safe PvP activities/ect. I really suggest trying making some sort of new account and training it up through members' if you're bored of the game. It adds a whole new level to doing things like quests/training/ect. But i suggest making a runite pure/zerker/tank if you want to do quests. Because 1 def pures don't do too many of them. Wow... Thank you for that insight too. I never realized how much work goes in to pures. I believe their purpose lies purely in gameplay mechanics. It allows you to play differently without playing a different game. I think I finally understand... But it seems like people misuse them for attention. That may just be me, but it never felt right making a character that deep so that i restrict my training. I enjoy RS a ton, but not being able to do what ever i want, when ever i want; kind of ruins the game for me. But thank you again to all who shared, and had something informative and friendly to say!
  7. Hi, my second character Gundolf is looking a clan/guild that have a reasonable number of people, are fun to talk to, enjoy doing group activities, and just like to kick back and skill it up. Mind you I am just starting again for the second time, and aren't exactly the most powerful yet, but I plan on playing and training hard.
  8. Intriguing... thank you. again. @Last_to_Kn0w, Repeating what the person above you said and telling me /facepalm = zero help and rude. Have a Grrrrrrr-eat day!
  9. Thanks again to everyone for being nice and helpful! I completely forgot that those require coal too. lol. I've been out of the game longer than i thought.
  10. So what I'm getting out of all of this is that: 1. Pures have little to no use in the game world. 2. It's a waste of time because even after you purely level certain combat skills, it really doesn't change much at all, except for a few combat levels. 3. If i am a better PKer, than your few levels not showing up in your combat lvl is useless. But... They can provide a chance to escape the drabness of your regular character, and allows you to try something new without diving in too deep. SO, they are mostly useless, but can provide a release from regular gameplay. I am happy to hear anyone elses opinions about pures, but i would enjoy it if people could actually provide some proof as to the usefulness of pures, in combat and not. Just remember to be civilized. I am not hating on anyone, and just want to investigate this matter before i decide to start a new account.
  11. So generally bars are going to sell better and make you more money, unless a shift in the market occurs where everyone is smelting their own ores. Also, thank you for showing me this page! I recently came back to RS and had no idea that they track everything in the GE.
  12. Thank you for the extremely enlightening explanation! I have always been in the dark about pures because they seem very silly to me as well.
  13. Does anyone know if ores or bars sell for more on the GE? Some gold per piece estimates would be even better. Thank you!
  14. That was the way I was understanding it, but I have heard of melee pures using only offense. But why i ask? what is the need to limit your abilities besides, for obvious reasons, defense?
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