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  1. Good luck to everyone who applied, especially myself! :thumbsup:
  2. a bot that is being manually operated to adapt to a dynamic environment is not a bot He's saying they re-program the bot to click a different place if Jagex move the rope/door/wall/portal/whatever. :wall: Also, they can: 1. Use overridable bots, so a human can control the character before telling the bot to continue from line 134 (or whatever), 2. Use bots that move the mouse over an area, and click when the ability to, say, open a door appears, and then move according to where they clicked, 3. Use bots that record what the human does, before repeating it themselves, 4. Use their imagination. There must be loads i've missed. :idea:
  3. Dying content: As an F2Per, I don't really care about how all the P2P stuff is dying. Then again, the duel arena isn't very popular with F2Pers, and FOG only has a few players. Clan wars is the only F2P minigame that has lots of players. Urns: Prayer urns actually lose you xp, which is really annoying after you've just killed a hundred imps and lost 35-135 xp. Otherwise nice update.
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