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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. I love and miss you guys tremendously. Who wants to give me their old account so I can start playing again? :D
  3. [bleep]ING SLOW DOWN PLEASE. My poor brain can only transfer so much irrelevant information down my spinal cord to my ass.
  4. Have my adopted babies please. This is a glorious picture.
  5. Because you like superb meals and ridiculous amounts of testosterone. Oh, and we have baked goods, which I have been storing up on for a while. [bleep] you lunch money!
  6. wat is doctor [bleep]. i do even. i've been looking at colleges alot lately (ya know trying to be successful and shit). So I saw that JMU ( a possible college I may go to) had like a 61%-to-39% ratio for female-to-males. I told my mom that and she was like.. "Nice Nate, more babes for you." And I was like... "[bleep] that..twice as many sandwiches." MAKE MEME OUT OF MY GUINNESS. GO!
  7. I used to be #2 poster...[bleep]. Armorare is mean and stolesz my stop. KILL HIM GREENS. EDIT: That sad moment when you've been gone for almost 4 months and you're still 7th to poster. other Harpys fail at surpassing me.
  8. I actually did not, it slipped my mind. No wonder it wasn't at the top of their list..
  9. Someone hacked my account in September and got it banned, so when I recovered it I didn't have access, but appealed to the ban. It's been like 4 months and still no response. Pro-jagex-pro.
  10. Lols pandemic 2. I love you guys. I miss this place. [bleep]ing forums-reset screwed my account. just now remember to come get it back. hahaa. still banned in-game. :cry:
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