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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Well i've played since around 2003. I was hacked once in my past, but was able to recover my account. It was a terrible experience because i was only a little kid when it happened. I have changed my display name twice and finally found something i want to keep it at.(Bad Tactics) I only want to do something like this when i truly want to be a part of a clan. I prefer combat such as: Pvp(Pking,Staking), Godwars(All but Nex, though i may look into it), Any other bosses, and a clan that also has a good clan chat. :thumbup: Important Levels/Notices: -Atk: 94(95 soon) -Str: 82 -Def: 82 -Magic: 73 -Range: 74 -Prayer: 70 -Hitpoints: 88 -Other- 99 Woodcutting Ancient Magic Lunar Magic 262 qp
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