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  1. I don't like the fact that since the new wilderness is here that I can't go into the Forinthry dungeon without pkers being there. That is not fun having to deal with revenants and pkers. People should be able to go into the dungeon without having other dangers there. You don't just have one thing to worry about attacking you and if someone is fighting one of the revenants and dies because of something else, they're going to be mad no doubt about it. Please move the revenants into a safe place to make it less dangerous without the pkers.
  2. LadyRyuuza


    Why can't every floor of dungeoneering have dragons, and why not some of them actually be bosses instead of demon-like creatures all of the time? And also, why can't there be more lower leveled dragons outside of dungeoneering because it's hard to get all of the dragon tail-bones for the wish list after the Fur n' Seek quest?
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