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  1. So I got 99 fishing and was busy not paying attention to RS so no screenshot about it, funny thing is that I scrolled up my RS chat and saw others congratulate me, guess they saw the fireworks :thumbsup: Cooking is next skill im getting to 99 and it will be so much faster than fishing. Yes they did, I guess you already knew it :smile: This is not my first time, I used to play around 2005-2006, managed to train 107 combat level account with ~1400 total. First thing I did on this account was some fletching because it was so easy to start.
  2. +1 For Artisans Workshop, I did some smithing there and enjoyed it. Also you have your iron ores waiting in your bank so I don't really see why not. :smile: It's also great vacation for you after long hard work of mining :mrgreen:
  3. Latest happenings inside the spoiler Also I've been questing, did these: heroes quest, enlightened journey, throne of miscellania, royal trouble and animal magnetism I will start serious slayer training when I have better gear. Also summoning will start to go up when I begin slayering. :thumbup:
  4. Also completed the dig site quest. :thumbsup: Lay-offs at work so I've been having more time to play than usually :smile:
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