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  1. I think they have their own site now but not sure try google dont really like the clan though tbh turning from a 'clan' to a specific needs friends chat (dw assistclan is still the worst). best bet imo is to get better gradually and eventually dg with friends!
  2. kk thanks heaps i suppose that means that teaks trump sawmill because i low alch should be faster then banking :D:D:D
  3. kk thanks so is teaks better then sawmill overall? 92/95 woodcutting/firemaking atm and i have adze and crystal saw
  4. O sorry i didnt mention i have adze and I low alch all my logs. also another thing are special teak logs worth banking with a yak? I mean i dont really need money but if say it only takes 5 minutes to unload 1k special logs and get cash for them or whatver you get for them, it might be worth it later right?
  5. Whats more efficient? apparently sawmill is 100k/h i think teaks is about 85k/h with urns but you also get firemaking exp... so whats better? no arctic pines please, hate them
  6. hi, i think its a good time to buy. Look at the graph for sharks. look at the graphs for rocktail. now look at graph for dragon bones look at graph for frost dragon bones. Now consider the very high possibilty of bots 'moving on'
  7. If you get one as a drop from a hobogoblin, consider using it on dragons!
  8. noone thinks your an imbecile, and its just nature that people with very much higher dg then you will think theyre automatically right in any argument with you lol. But yeah it really depends on the boss/the floor/the dgers etc etc as to whether the keyer shuld run keys after.. if the keyer is an elite dger you can even send someone else to run the keys ;P
  9. I'd do 26-29 one time, then 19-22 two times. Stomp is ovverated hes easier in a c6 then i c1 in a way (ggs at one lode, everyone gates the other) And then the rift splitter is very fast (especially with emp fires) as well as rammernaut (esp with emp fires) 1 hex + 1 emp fire will rock, too much gaunts though tbh its like the standard now. quick tips for furnished bosses if you wanna try it out: 1. Riftsplitter: Spread out and if hes looking at you dont stop moving and running around while you attack him, the worst portal he uses is the stat reducing one (alot of stat reducing). You dont wanna get hit. Magic is incredibly accurate. always leech defence/magic 2. Stomp: Pray range when hes attacking, ggs at one lode, everyone gates the other, stand in critical spots where the rocks can fall (you'll see the shadows come) and tank the damage. 3.Rammernaut: Same as riftsplitter really, spread out, leech defence/magic and use magic (I use hex with rigour its pretty accurate) 4. Lexicus: When he says book barrage, run to a safe place where noone was standing before, wait for the books then go back and attack him. 5. Sagittaire: Nothing special.... just whack him, leave ggs at end stairs. You can gate the entrance or something if you wanna get to his teleport faster. 6. Night gazer: pray magic and light pillars... like normal...
  10. Hi sorry guys I havent been doing much waiting for the reset. c6 small frozen = not worth it (hence better c2'd) ab1 smalls = very not worth it, 1 fast boss, the rest are slow and/or high deaths. furnished smalls = appear to be on par with abandoned larges (ie better then). ab2 smalls = You need hexers for the bosses, otherwise it doesnt seem to be worth it occult/warped havent tried yet. (<<<< EDIT I think occult will be as good as furnished, flesh is easy and not too slow and thunderous is both easy and fast!) IN GENERAL: more hexes the better and also you'll need generally high skills in the team for bonus doors. Doubt its worth it w/o at least 1 hexer and 1 person with high herblore You can help out by doing furnished smalls :P ill put pictures of every small I do after the reset!!! A NOTE: If you c6 small furnished and up you will pretty much HAVE TO c2 fish your frozen's and ab1's (and maybe ab2's) for maximum efficiency or your better of doing larges. Im trying atm to prove however that doing c6 small furnished > c1'ing them! another edit: Total dg exp/hour can be calculated by exp you get in a ring reset divided by time it takes you - (this is why c2'ing your frozens/ab1's/ab2's may be pretty important if you c6 small everything else.)
  11. Lobsters barely hit you when you go bursting/barraging, the only time they should is when your luring them. If you're that paranoid about losing charges on your shield take a falador shield 3 instead of a proselyte legs and switch to that when u lure (with protect melee). Get the shield imo, but the staff is much better :D i love the staff.
  12. yeah me and some other dgers normally have similar people in my team each time.
  13. Not doing bonus doors in 5:5 smalls has a big impact on xp but I'm thinking unless you can average about 18 minute floors with about 1 death per floor then 5:5 smalls look like better exp. However because of the much bigger focus on bosses, i think a hex hunter might be pretty much necessary to save the team deaths etc. Going to start experimenting with one person dedicating their gate to a farm patch and using it if boost doors come up etc. Night gazer is a slow boss compared to lexicus but apparently lexi hits hard on meleers. average is shaping out around the 4:00 mark (and i think including boost doors this is easily possible) with a bit more practice we can make it consistant 4:00's even with stupid rooms like mono's etc. I think empowered fire staff is the best 3rd bind for smalls after hexhunter because it speeds up rooms and will rock on some bosses. Problem is if smalls are proven to be better then larges, then this means hoods become close to useless as in smalls the team is together ALOT of the time and also because you'll be praying all the time, you have a much better defence boost so i think a platebodty/leather body might even be better then hood at saving hp (since you dont really need the 'prayer conservation' hood gives) note: everything above so far only applies to furnished however for now ill assume its similar for occult and maybe even warps
  14. Sorry what i meant was my theory cant be even valid without a big enough sample size lol.
  15. Cant confirm without a large sample size like Grimy always says but i'll start doing furnished as c6 smalls and ill try with abandon, doubt ill find teams for occults. Also interesting points: an error in a large can cost alot of time -> a non perfect team will probably be close to perfect in smalls In a large you need full time 5 gates alot of the time In a large its common for less then 5 people to be doing a gd and not uncommon for only 2-3 people in a gd In a small you can overlap gates at barely any cost to time (this opens up potential for new strategies) In a small theres almost always 5 people in each gd AND in boss = saves alot of damage + prayer drain Also if c6 smalls becomes the normal, then things like gaunts/ccs will become pointless in favour of empowered earth/fire (unless you dont have higher surges, in which case 2h + rapier might be better)
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