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  1. probably should put a title over the guidelines. the guidelines are visible, but can be made more obvious
  2. you should post the GIF cuz noobs F up my lights on a regular
  3. Nope. he just goes on with his regular attacks. Deaths on thundy are due to: Lag/[bleep]/fails/bad run timing Let's create a scenario. You have teled into tf between his main attacks. To prevent his mage attack, just run to him once he punches someone. He can't mage from this animation. Or the safe method, what i usually do is wait for one of his special attacks and then run out. Hope it's helpful
  4. How to regate!! 1.) click "gate teleport" 2.) spam-click "create gatestone" - Done
  5. I use F keys for F1: invent F3: prayer swap F4: gates
  6. As a keyer my #1 priority is to GTFO the ht and check the map to see the best path to initially take. honestly though everyone should check the map at the start in order to see where to go most likely, unless a GD is found.
  7. I think bn sucks, sorry het but i wish i gave it to you during drop
  8. Upload for USA 1 random 3bo guy also # Ican Has dps medal?
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