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  1. I am - active in rs - over 21 - helpful when I can be. I strive to be knowledgeable about what I say. I like to learn. would be nice to have like-minded others to share infoz with. - Knowledge is powah! - sarcastic. I love a good verbal stick on someone who says something without thinking about what they say. don't take it personal :-) - mostly a skiller atm (as of this posting I am 800k away from my first 99, wc) but I have been known to unleash my wrath on stray cows/chickens. Fear me! - not into pk'ing/pvp - looking for a group of people to chat with other than the random bots I meet while skilling - looking for a group of people to experience some of the rs group-centric content with - NOT interested in mandatory forum posts/event attendance. not saying I won't do these things, I just don't want to "have" to - CST time zone, but my play times are not CST primetime. I only speak english, bad english, and typonese If it sounds like I may fit into your clan, feel free to add me/contact me in game. Or post here of course :-) CLOSED
  2. Hi, when I dung should I be using the 75/25% for complexity, or just do the highest 5 floors at c6? Ima be doing the lower floors at c2 if that matters.
  3. I am confused. When I offer to buy something for say 100gp, and someone sells for 80gp, I get the item and 20gp. I just sold x noted items in the GE and I shoulda got like 50k, but when i collected it was 130k. I went to bank and grabbed/listed same amount of items and got 195k. Third time i got exactly what the GE interface said I should be getting. Fourth time I got like 80k. Is this some type of bug/glitch that I should report in more detail? Thanks in advance for your reply
  4. RuneScape Name: Manual Labor I need a member of: Pheonix Gang Quest: Shield of Arrav When I'll be on: When I can - see below World/Location: p2p preferred, but w/e works How to contact me: In game - add me to see if I am online --- Completed ---
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