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  1. Men 1 - 5 Tea Stalls 5 - 10 Farmers 10-20 Then some quests here and there Silk 20-25 Warrior 25-38 Master Farmer 38-50 I don't really have a great way to train it, but that's just what I randomly came up with
  2. Kaitlyn's Skiller Log Current Levels: Current Goal(s): -70 Runecrafting -60 Mining -50 Herblore -50 Agility -50 Thieving -50 Farming Overall Goal(s): -99 Prayer | Runecrafting | Agility | Herblore | Thieving | Crafting | Hunter | Mining | Smithing | Fishing | Cooking | Firemaking | Woodcutting | Farming
  3. I don't see how anyone could think rise of bolt racks have any correlation to the dclaw crash.. As stated above: "Claws fell because they aren't getting deleted from the game in pvp worlds anymore, just trading hands by kill and everyday more and more people get higher levels and better gear adding competition."
  4. Just throwing into the mix that, even though I have enough money to waste on wines, I can't easily make it back. I am only a level 3 skiller after all.
  5. Yeah, but with Wine, i lose around 22m if I buy the grapes. I lose a lot less with swordfish.
  6. How much money do you lose off of wine though? Just curious.
  7. Alright, so i am trying to find the best possible cooking xp possible for F2P. Would it be Salmon, Lobster, or Swordfish? Or is there something better? (Besides cake and such..)
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