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  1. thanks for the input everyone, currently i am training at giant spiders as to get 60 in everything right now i stand at 60 att 50 def 60 str 58 con 32 pray 25 range 25 mage 60 wc 40 slay once i am 60 in all of those i guess ill bump it all up to 70 i really dont know haha. i cant do to much pvp or arena because the internet over here is not good enough its like a 4 second delay just to eat some food. one question i have is what is the best way to train prayer? i remember it being very hard or very expensive.
  2. i actually have 0 quest points haha, this was a mith pure at one point and then i just started leveling whatever on it. i guess my best bet would be to turn it into a balanced main seeing as this is the only account i have anyway. outside of slayer what are some other good training methods. i was probably going to level to 60 att def str range and mage and then move from there but i honestly dont know if that is a good plan or not. thanks for the advice so far
  3. hello everyone i had to setup a new account on here because it has been so long last i used these fourms that i forgot my account info haha. Anyway i am a 27 year old currently deployed with the army and was thinking it has been a long time last i have played this game and so i started back up. as it stands now my character is 56 att 40 def 60 str 56 con 25 range 25 mage 32 pray 60 wc 40 slayer everything else is below level 10. my question is where and what should i do? i have no idea where to start, i really only care for combat, pking and dueling. so leveling based around that would be good. i have started a membership and i have 85k to spend on whatever i should spend it on. any advice would be great, my play time is limited because of my job so please keep in mind i cant just sit around and level everything to 99 haha.
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